Linux Cracker's flee from the ports of unrightousness!!!

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Linux Cracker's flee from the ports of unrightousness!!!

Postby rjs » Mon Dec 19, 2011 1:44 pm

It's always amazing to me after doing years of work in and on operating system security, just how easy it is to fubar a nice Linux install. By someone who just want's to see what you type.

Don't get me wrong, I have the degree and expertise to know what people are doing to a machine and just how dark the crowd is that resembles "The Satan of the Web" (Don't take this, It's my new book title), in my mind. Of course it's not just Linux, but any opsys that connects to the web, interweb, etc... Once an admin acknowledges the need for a better overall system's security, it takes them down a path of years of experience, only to produce but very finely grained increases to such that outwits the lesser.

May the "Firefox" crackers be known for their deeds..... For we are not all newbs in the land of the plenty, but understand which we do as we type. One day, it will be you. Count on it.

From fear came expression and renewal, the duty of man to put out the fire from within. To rejoice in freedom despite all interference. --rjs
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