Samsung SCX-4521F MFP Scanner Installation Instructions

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Samsung SCX-4521F MFP Scanner Installation Instructions

Post by NCFC »

Hi all,

The last piece of hardware has finally been installed. I've never had much luck with getting the scanner working on the Samsung SCX-4521F Multi Function Printer (never an issue with the printer) but the deed has now been done on LMDE and it works perfectly. I would also recommend the Simple Scan software to the XSane frontend package but to each their own.

Here's the link and a c/p:
Many thanks to the original poster. :mrgreen:

1. Installation

A few important points with the approach here:

* Some Xerox printers are Samsung OEM. This printer looks like a clone of Samsung SCX-4521F []. Treat this printer like the latter whenever possible.
* Use CUPS for the printer.
* Use the Samsung Unified Linux Driver for the scanner.

Step 1: Setup the Repository for Samsung Unified Linux Driver

No free or open-source alternatives are available to make full use of this multifunction printer yet. You will see later that we need the Samsung Unified Linux Driver mainly for supporting the scanner.

1. Add the following repository:

deb debian extra

You can do this with Synaptic Package Manager, Software Sources, etc.
2. Install the GPG key, from, for the repository. You can do this with Synaptic Package Manager or Software Sources, or paste this line to your terminal:

wget -O - | sudo apt-key add -

3. Reload / update the repository information.

Step 2: Install the Printer Driver

Here, you can choose to use either one of the following drivers:

* The open-source driver provided by the Splix project. (Check this too: ... iver=splix)
* The Samsung unified printer driver. In this case, install the samsungmfp-driver package.

Either of the drivers seems to work fine. I personally do not have any particular recommendation yet until further testing. (For the moment I use the Splix driver.)

1. From the start menu, invoke System -> Administration -> Printing.
2. Use the driver for 'Samsung SCX-4500 Series'. Choose either the Splix or the Samsung driver according to your preference.
3. Check the 'Printer Options' in the 'Printer Properties'. Change the options where appropriate (especially the 'Paper Size').
4. Try to print a test page. It should work!

Step 3: Install the Scanner Driver

1. Install the samsungmfp-scanner package.
2. {SKIP THIS for Ubuntu since 10.04. But tell me if you found that this step is necessary for the scanner to work.} Add users you allow to access the scanner into the lp group. You can use System -> Users and Groups from the start menu to do this, or use the adduser command.
3. Reboot the computer. (Restarting some service(s) should do the trick too. But I haven't figured out which one. Tell me if you've found it.)
4. Now Graphics -> Simple Scan or xsane should be able to detect and use the scanner! You can use sane-find-scanner or scanimage -L to detect the scanner too.

2. Some Technical Details

Splix is included in Ubuntu since 9.10. So it is now possible to use the printing feature of the printer out-of-box (without using the Samsung unified printer driver.)
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Re: Samsung SCX-4521F MFP Scanner Installation Instructions

Post by ski_phreak »

Great post--thank you!

I've used the Samsung proprietary drivers with no problem until Mint 9 (KDE.) Not so easy this time...and Samsung seems to have dropped the Linux drivers from their site.

I'm so glad I Mint users (& Debian & Ubuntu) are such great help.
One thing was missing, however....

After following (more or less) the instructions here:

Code: Select all

  sudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list & (insert deb debian extras)
  sudo wget -O - | sudo apt-key add - (pgp auth)
  sudo apt-get update
  sudo apt-get install samsungmfp-scanner samsungmfp-driver samsungmfp-data samsungmfp-lpr splix
...xsane still couldn't find the scanner, nor did the printer show up in KDE4's system settings-->printer. Not after logout/login, not after reboot! <grumble>

FIX (embarrassingly simple)
Turn printer OFF, then back ON. Notification applet told me that it found a new printer, installed it, and was ready to go. Two quick tests from the terminal verified that the scanner was working beautifully, too.

Code: Select all

  sudo xsane (working as root! yeah!)
  xsane (working as non-root!  yeah!)

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