question regarding update mgr and sources.list

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question regarding update mgr and sources.list

Postby demonet » Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:58 am

I was wondering if there was a way to add repositories to synaptic.... but not have them used as part of the updates.

I have a repository that provides packages for use presuming an ubuntu installation. I know enough to install selectively the apps I want and can make a fairly accurate evaluation as to whether it would cause problems with LMDE (I think anyway). However, upon updating, I do not want kernel updates or anything of that nature to be taken from this repository and included in those updates.

Is something like this possible?


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Re: question regarding update mgr and sources.list

Postby viking777 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 6:09 am

There may be a better way than this, but all I can think of at the moment is to use the Mintupdate 'Ignore Packages' section (you will find this under Mintupdate/Preferences/Ignored Packages tab). Of course you would have to do this for every package that this repository supplies each time you update, which is OK if it is a 'single program' repository like a ppa, but if it is a multi package repo then it might become a bit of a pain which is why I say there might be a better way, but I can't think of it right now.
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Re: question regarding update mgr and sources.list

Postby Deadite81 » Wed Nov 24, 2010 7:03 am

If it's an official Ubuntu repo you've enable to get something, like I did with JDK, I've found it easiest to simply get what I want then disable the repo altogether or to cherry pick what I want from Launchpad. A repo of such size would be impossible to regulate in any meaningful way as far as I know. On Debian, which I have not extensively used, I believe that would be the safest thing. Using Mint 10 I've had no problems with Maverick packages, however, I've only briefly used LMDE, so things could be a bit different. I'm also not sure if Debian used apt or Aptitude. If it uses apt, this is how to go about it.

The easiest way to hold packages system-wide is through the use of apt and the command line. (I know of no other convenient way.)

By using the command "sudo apt hold $PACKAGE," you will in effect keep Mint Update, Synaptic, and presumably any other program that relies on apt from attempting to upgrade said packages.

So, here's an example. Let's say you have a repository enabled that has package A ($PA) and package B ($PB). You only want $PA, but would like to keep $PB as it is.

To do this you would type this into a terminal:

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sudo apt hold $PB

$PB must be the full package name. The version number does not matter, whatever version is currently installed will be the one held. The package name is not (usually) the name found in the menu, but as found in Synaptic or Mint Update.

Now when you update through Synaptic, Mint Update, or apt using the cmd line, whatever packages you've held will not be updated.

To see your held packages tpye this into a terminal:

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apt held

To unhold a package type this into a terminal:

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sudo apt unhold $PACKAGE

Unfortunately you have to do hold and unhold one at a time.

The caveat to this is that it does not allow any updates at all. I assume what you REALLY want is to be able to still get the "official" updates for a package while blocking the PPA's update. As far as I know this is not possible. I wish it were, and if anyone knows how to accomplish such a thing please let me know!

An entirely different approach to this problem is to update directly from the web, avoiding PPA installation altogether. I actually have a few rather large bookmark folders dedicated to this. One is called "Launchpad" and the other "Watches." Even if you do use a PPA, it is wise to know exactly where it came from (Launchpad usually for Ubuntu stuff) in case a bug or some other problem arises. If you go to the PPA on Launchpad you can click the "View Package Details" link above the package list and find the .debs you are looking for and directly download them. This is very useful for those huge repositories in which you only want one or 2 things.

Aside from bookmarking you can also "watch" pages you find important with a Firefox addon like Alert Box to be notified when it changes or an automation app/addon which will open the page(s) automatically, say, once a week so you never forget to check up on them.

That's all I got! Good luck! :)

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Re: question regarding update mgr and sources.list

Postby LindseyD. » Fri Dec 10, 2010 12:04 pm

Deadite81 wrote:The easiest way to hold packages system-wide is through the use of apt and the command line. (I know of no other convenient way.)

Sorry to be such a latecomer, but I just found this thread. You can easily hold packages in Synaptic by choosing Package->Lock Version from the menu.

Sometimes it's referred to as pinning.
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