how to translate shell extensions / cinnamon ??

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how to translate shell extensions / cinnamon ??

Post by saxoli » Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:09 pm

Hello everybody !!

It would be nice to have the new MintMenu (for example) translated in different languages.

I'm from germany, in MintMenu the different application categories are translated into german.

Only "All Applications" and "Places" are not in german.

So I went to the gnome-shell extension folder opened the extension.js-file of MintMenu.

These words are hard coded in the file, I translated them to german, looks good now.

And I got problems with german special letters "Umlaute" in the file, too - No way to get them display in the right way !?
Tried html-codes from here: ... -liste.php

And when there will be an update of the extension, what's then ?

The same with the windowlist extension.

Left click (minimize, maximize, close) ... the same, hard coded in the extension.js file.

I put in the german words, but again, what's about an update ? Do I have to translate it over and over again ??

.... so please there have to be a right way to translate shell extensions !!!??



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How to translate/localize Cinnamon

Post by saxoli » Tue Jan 03, 2012 4:57 pm

Hello everybody,

at first I want to say I don't want to complain, maybe it will sound like this :wink:

But I have to ask the same what I did before here: ... =translate

What's about translating Cinnamon ?

Why moving away from new standards of Gnome3-Extensions ... is there a standard ???

Is it possible in the future to get the Mint-"Extensions" (Cinnamon) for Gnome3, too ???

Or better ... maybe Cinnamon can use Gnome3-Extensions some sweet day ?

Would be nice to find Mint-"Extensions" at the official extensions website

Why splitting the community again (Unity/Gmome3/Cinnamon), with own extensions, themes, ... for every environment ??

By the way ... how can I / we help translating Cinnamon/Gnome3-Extensions.

Many greetings,


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Re: how to translate shell extensions ??

Post by xenopeek » Tue Jan 03, 2012 6:02 pm

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There is a German translators team. See the list of translator teams here: You may want to read up on what they do, and perhaps get involved?

I think the extensions, and cinnamon as well, are very much in development and so perhaps some parts are hard coded that should be internationalised so translation can be done without having to edit code.

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