Making Mate look like Gnome 2?

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Skara Brae
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Making Mate look like Gnome 2?

Post by Skara Brae »

Greetings Mint'ers,

After seeing screenshots of a distro called "Salix" (never heard of it), I am wondering if it were possible to make Linux Mint "Mate" look like Gnome 2.

I see from those screenshots of "Salix" that the Mate version looks like Gnome 2. I am not even considering getting rid of Mint (it works as perfect as "Pre-Gnome 3 Ubuntu" did), but I was just wondering if it is possible (probably not, since I've never seen any talks about this).
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Re: Making Mate look like Gnome 2?

Post by proxima_centauri »

MATE is a fork of GNOME2, so yes, the default appearance of MATE would appear to look, and function like GNOME2.
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Re: Making Mate look like Gnome 2?

Post by trapperjohn »

Something like the old Lynx menus?

Here's what hacked out (top right corner only).
The overall desktop is essentially a dead ringer for the old Lynx look and feel.

I did this by getting the mate desktop directly from [url][/url] and installing it on a Debian-Wheezy distro.
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