Mint 17 Mate vs. Ubuntu-Mate

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Mint 17 Mate vs. Ubuntu-Mate

Post by impossiblescissors »

Hello all,

I recently saw that Ubuntu is getting a Mate re-spin, starting with the 14.10 release. Aside from the obvious difference (Mint 17 & 17.1 based on Trusty and Ubuntu-Mate based on Utopic,) is there any advantage of using Ubuntu-Mate over Mint 17 Mate or vice-versa? I suspect that the artwork is the primary difference. And Mint 17 probably comes with more software packages on the install DVD (1.2 GB for Mint, ~980 MB for Ubuntu-Mate.)
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Re: Mint 17 Mate vs. Ubuntu-Mate

Post by kurok »

The biggest thing is that mint 17 is an lts and the new ubuntu mate isnt. I have played with it some and it seemed to work ok. It has all the usual buntu stuff on it. I honestly like mints implementation of it better, it just looks more like what i remember of gnome 2.
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