Superbar in Mate 17.3

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Superbar in Mate 17.3

Post by HaiLi » Fri Apr 15, 2016 2:34 am

Hi there,

I can't live without a superbar on my vertical right hand panel.

I have played with XFCE, in which, having those features was no big deal.
But because XFCE don't satisfy my keyboard shortcuts needs, I have gave a try to Cinnamon, only to understand it won't (easily) support my vertical right hand panel (heavy mods not for me), so here I am with Mate now.

Some readings teach me that the superbar worked fine with previous version but that it is not yet compatible with last Mate version (17.3).

Is it correct ? Is there some way to get the superbar working on Mate 17.3 ? Or should I go for an older version (which would be a bummer) ?

An other option is to come back to XFCE and get those frackin keyboard shortcuts to work properly... ok maybe for another topic, If I can't get Mate on track.

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Re: Superbar in Mate 17.3

Post by Superannuated » Fri Apr 15, 2016 7:19 pm

I don't know what you expect or require out of a "superbar", since I went from the XP taskbar to the Linux panel. I'll assume that you want to modify the panel to work as closely as possible to what you are used to with a superbar. I apologize if the following is too remedial for your question.

In 17.3 Mate you can create a New Panel by right clicking on an open space on your current panel, which by default is at the bottom of the screen. The new panel shows up at the top of the screen. Then right click on the new panel and choose Properties. Within Panel Properties select Orientation > Right. Then modify this new panel to your fit your needs as best you can.

One nice thing about Mate is that Help is at hand. Right click on the panel and select Help. A window will open to Using the Panels with detailed instructions for doing that.

I am running Mate with a panel at the bottom of the window and one on the left. My left one is just an application launcher, currently with 21 apps. Expand is turned off for optimal spacing of the apps. The bottom panel has other functions I find useful such as notifications, workspace switcher, etc. Expand is turned on to provide space for open app icons. I find it useful to lock each item to the panel once I have it set up the way I like it. I also turn on Autohide, Show hide buttons, and Arrows on hide buttons.

You probably already know that under Mate you can go to Menu > Preferences > Keyboard shortcuts.

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