Compiz Window Border

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Compiz Window Border

Post by ATD »

I crashed with a problem during the post-installing configuration my Mint. It happened unexpectedly, I can't even recognize the cause.
Compiz changed the default grey window border style style to green and does not allow me to change it through theme configurator.
How it is.
How it is.
How it must be.
How it must be.
What I did to repair:
  1. Just reboot.
  2. gtk-window-decorator --replace
  3. Switch between proprietary nvidia and nouveau drivers.
  4. Reset compiz configuration.
  5. Reinstall compiz.
It still green.
Mint 17.3

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Re: Compiz Window Border

Post by MartinaNeumayer »

The window manager is set to Compiz?
You can also try to use Fusion-Icon.. I ported them to the GTK3.x and it works ok with Mint 17.x now:
Or here: ... Y7QMXFzcrP

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