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wallpaper slideshow

Post by jon375lm »

how do you make the background wallpaper do a slide show?

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Re: wallpaper slideshow

Post by xenopeek »

You can use a wallpaper changer program like Variety http://peterlevi.com/variety/

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Re: wallpaper slideshow

Post by NoWinBob »

Variety gets my vote too.I have tried several others,and they all seemed to have issues,at least on my hardware.I do notice variety causes a very short pause on my dual core laptop every time it changes.It doesn't seem to do any harm,so I live with it.

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Re: wallpaper slideshow

Post by kreemoweet »

Here, I just use the following simple script to show a randomly selected image from the designated folder every 5 minutes.
The script is set to start at login. The details, of course, will have to be adjusted to suit the particular system it runs on.

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ls -1 $backgroundsdir > $piclist
while true
   sleep 300
   currentpic=$(shuf -n 1 $piclist)
   gsettings set org.mate.background picture-filename $backgroundsdir/$currentpic

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