[Solved] Panel icons for specific folder & files missing after upgrade

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[Solved] Panel icons for specific folder & files missing after upgrade

Post by zedki » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:57 pm

Apparently, LM18.2 mate is all new and so does not do as it use to do...
I had to delete all of my "linktoxxxx" links and add a separate new launcher for each of my six missing old launchers.
Easy peasy. Too bad there was nothing online to explain this :)

Still a noobie after 3 years...
I upgraded from LM18.1 Mate to LM18.2 Mate today.
I used the option in UpdateManager on the edit tab.
Everything is just spiffy, except;
Panel icons for specific folders & files missing after upgrade.
App icons stayed put.
The icons were for links to these folder and files. ie; LibraOffice files - name.xls
When I try to add them back to the panel,
they do not stay there, but they do show up in
even the ones that disappeared are there...

Am I missing something? Your assistance is appreciated.

zedki@luzici ~ $ inxi -b
System: Host: luzici Kernel: 4.10.0-26-generic x86_64 (64 bit)
Desktop: MATE 1.18.0 Distro: Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya
Machine: System: Hewlett-Packard (portable) product: HP Pavilion g7 Notebook PC v: 0888110003305910000620100
Mobo: Hewlett-Packard model: 184B v: 57.35
Bios: Insyde v: F.26 date: 02/21/2013
CPU: Quad core AMD A8-4500M APU with Radeon HD Graphics (-MCP-) speed/max: 1600/1900 MHz
Graphics: Card: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD/ATI] Trinity [Radeon HD 7640G]
Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 drivers: ati,radeon (unloaded: fbdev,vesa)
Resolution: 1600x900@60.19hz
GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on AMD ARUBA (DRM 2.49.0 / 4.10.0-26-generic, LLVM 3.8.0)
GLX Version: 3.0 Mesa 12.0.6
Network: Card-1: Broadcom BCM43224 802.11a/b/g/n driver: wl
Card-2: Realtek RTL8101/2/6E PCI Express Fast/Gigabit Ethernet controller driver: r8169
Drives: HDD Total Size: 500.1GB (27.6% used)
Info: Processes: 205 Uptime: 4:57 Memory: 930.0/5438.5MB Client: Shell (bash) inxi: 2.2.35
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