Marco memory leak?

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Marco memory leak?

Post by CliveMcCarthy » Wed Oct 11, 2017 8:30 pm

I have an application that paints a lot, in fact millions of dabs via X.
Gradually the memory consumed by Marco grows and grows well beyond a Gigabyte. When my program terminates Marco holds on to the memory. :(
I'm running 18.2 64 bit with a 4.10. kernel.
My code and Marco run continuously for months without trouble on 17.2 32 bit. :D

Any ideas?

I've left the system running for a few hours. Marco is now using 4GB and the program is stable and using less than 400MB. Marco is killing the system. I'll leave it running overnight and expect things to crash.

Much later: Marco has sucked up 5.7GB of memory but the system is still running. My application's memory consumption hasn't changed. Where should I file a bug report?

Or is this what I'm seeing: ?

It can't be that. Marco has blown through 7GB and the system is at 100% RAM and is now chewing up swap space.

I just took a look at a system running 32bit 17.1 that has been running for many months with my program and Marco uses about 5MB.

I've switched to compiz and I think that will fix my troubles but it sure looks like a bug in Marco.

Compiz does in fact fix things. I hate the gimmicky stuff it does but it doesn't leak :wink:

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