Prevent window autofocus

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Prevent window autofocus

Post by airween » Thu Nov 09, 2017 6:31 am

Hi there,

I have two Linux Mint: 18.2 (HOME machine) and 18.1 (work laptop). On both systems I can reproduce this problem.

There is an application for my hobby (HAM radio), called Fldigi. Fldigi can work in "remote" mode, I mean it accepts many commands through XMLRPC.

Some XMLRPC messages triggers a "button press" event in Fldigi.

In the new versions of Mint (18 series above) when I sent a special command through XMLRPC, which triggers an event, then Fldigi comes to foreground.

In the previous versions (17.x) that didn't occured ever.

Here is a video to demonstrate: ... _focus.mkv

How can I prevent the autofocus for a window?

I'm using Linux Mint Mate DE.


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