Folders I minimize all end up disappearing (MATE)[SOLVED]

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Folders I minimize all end up disappearing (MATE)[SOLVED]

Post by fruitkiller » Wed May 02, 2018 1:19 am

And no particular changes,yes if you look back, I had some issues. Now that all of this revolved and at one point I had to reboot, and no matter if I decide to to use an "Older version", the older versions I have installed now do the same thing

It's extremely annoying, look at this :
Sorry fhe not so precise post last night, had just gotten home for one my colleague's birthday, almost infinite quantities of food and beer

fglrxinfo gives the correct drives is working. As you can see I was able to reinstall the llower left Menu button, but it's off-colour for my theme and minimized windows just disappear until I use alt+tab, which is frustrating, I didn't mind as a kid with a 486DX but these day? No way. and it can't be because I moved from kernel 3.16.55 to the working the pretty important upgrade when you speak of Spectre V2 especially, tools I got I never need to worry about Meltdown, since I got a AMD-FX8350, and the and the that's the most recent in this seire of octores, I have an FX-8350, felt too close to home when it came to Spectre 1 and 2,.

You can check the patches for ubuntu 3.16.56 changes.
But yeah this no minimized caja windows is intolerable. I'll try to upgrade to Mint 17.3 later in the day.

Apparently, maybe while I was sleeping on the comfiest chair in the place, the 779.99 ergonic as fudge I bought realived my back pains a llot, neck pains are still present though, so nnevermind, I somehow unchecked the Add To Panel--,> List Windows"

edit : everything is already and very easy yet to me once I asked for help on IRC, somehow someone, me most likely but I don't remember at all, when it started happening my girllfriend was back from work and said the tabs go nowhere when I minimize them. So it was just the Windows Lister option is the Panel preference that had been ticked off. I didn't even know it could do that ,or such an option existed, I use the 4 seperate Windows custom desktops thing, and I knew there was something else similalr to that but never this. So glad :D If the people on spotchat which the official mint help channel on IRC, told me how to fix this and how he's a Cinnamon suer and never used MATE, surprising stuff sometimes...

Option i never ever touched this, I don't even know one would not want them and prefer alt-tab, I have no memory of playing with stuff, mostly the upper panel that I always create, to add in links an options,thise I find real useful, the Drawer, Sources Rep, Synaptic, IPBlock, Radeon Catalyst Manager, fiefox, chromium, some personal folder links, Vivaldi,and, frozen app force termination, temperatures and that's it pretty much. All thaton the upper panel, where I'd never minimize windows to, that's just silly.

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