Apps/Applets: Icon Naming & Location

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Apps/Applets: Icon Naming & Location

Post by JBHoren » Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:55 pm

I don't know if this also applies to Cinnamon and Xfce -- not my concern; I'm only interested in the Mate desktop environment.

Icons are located all over the place: Many are in /usr/lib/<app>/icons, more in /usr/share/<theme>, and there's always ~/.icons for "my" artwork; I'm sure there are other locations I've forgotten or don't know about. Regardless, some "default" app/applet icons are easily user-configurable (Avant Window Navigator lets me do that, for example), and if all else fails, I can sometimes (often, but not close to always) replace an icon in the /usr hierarchy with a different one).

However, I've run into an increasingly evident and frustrating problem: The icons for applets that appear in the Mate panel are different between LM 18 and LM 19, despite the same icon sets being used.

My solution would be to copy an icon set which pleases me, make changes/additions when/if desired, store them in ~/.icons/<my_icon_set>, and Bob's yer uncle. Again, there's a "but": Where are the panel icons located? App/applet icons should (IIUC) be in /usr/share/icons/<theme>/panel or ~/.icons/<theme>/panel, but in which size -- 22? 24? 48? scalable?

Another question: Have app/applets (and/or their icons) undergone name changes?

Another question: If the icon set doesn't include one that matches a particular panel applet, from where does the Mate panel "choose" an icon to display? (the same is true for AWN applets)

Given the GNUnix history of an application's configurable settings going from built-in → global/site config → user config, with each successive config file over-riding the previous one, I've expected that this behavior would also hold true for icons -- and I've been disappointed.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Knowledge? Docs?

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