[SOLVED] Autoresize - cannot add applets to panel

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[SOLVED] Autoresize - cannot add applets to panel

Post by DDR-4 » Sat Jul 28, 2018 4:58 am

Hi all,

I'm running Linux Mint Sarah and have changed the panel settings to auto resize. (I actually unchecked the 'Expand' box for the panel properties.)

Now I cannot right click on any empty space on the panel to add a new applet to the panel.

How can I turn off the auto resize so I have some free space to click on again please?

Or is there a way to show the 'Add to Panel' application without right clicking on the now non-existent free panel space?

Even if I reduce the number of workspaces on the panel, it still does not give me any free space - just makes the panel shorter, so there's still no free space to right click on.




https://www.systutorials.com/docs/linux ... ate-panel/

"Mate Panel documentation can be found under Help by right-clicking on mate-panel."

From the built-in help docs:

To interact with a panel, you must click on a vacant space on the panel rather than on any of the objects it holds. If the hide buttons are visible on the panel, you can also middle-click or right-click on one of them to select the pane.

I had to right click on the hide buttons to get to the panel properties, then check the Expand box. This made the panel fill the whole of the bottom of the screen again.

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