The case of the disppearing default selections

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The case of the disppearing default selections

Post by Amii_Leigh » Thu Apr 25, 2019 7:12 pm

I'm currently using Linux Mint Mate 18.3. So far, so good. Although I think I may have screwed up something in that I can no longer see anything to select in Menu/Control Center/Preferred Applications/Web Browser or Mail Reader. This may have something to do with at one time having five web browsers installed at the same time. I also had Thunderbird installed at one time, then installed and tried to use Claws Mail, then uninstalled it and went with Evolution instead. Now none of these show up as selections or as selected in the Preferred Applications.
Should I be concerned? All of these applications ARE working just fine. It just peeves me that they aren't in Preferred Applications.

As always, I appreciate any kind, helpful, and constructive suggestions. I also appreciate your reading! :)
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