Intermittent problem - can't rename files in Caja

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Intermittent problem - can't rename files in Caja

Post by iain_33 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:13 pm

Linux Mint 19.1, Mate edition, 64 bit.

Every now and then, a problem crops up in Caja, in that I can't rename anything in a directory. Pressing F2 or right click > rename on a file or directory does nothing. If I create a new directory or file, it appears with the default new name "untitled folder" or "new file" but I can't change the name. It's not a permissions problem, it's on folders I have all the rights to and have edited stuff in there previously, and in fact if I right click > open terminal I can rename things from there. I can still delete things from the folder, and create things there, just not rename.

I haven't got the things I'm trying to rename open in any other application.

If I move into another directory, things work ok there, but if I return to the one I was in, I can't rename things again. It sometimes persists between closing Caja and re-opening it. It usually just resolves itself.

Any suggestions please?
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Re: Intermittent problem - can't rename files in Caja

Post by gm10 » Fri Jun 28, 2019 3:35 pm

I only remember this thread on the issue, was never able to reproduce it myself: viewtopic.php?f=206&t=276007&p=1608590& ... e#p1514945
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