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Panel Clock...

Post by tenfoot »

Using LMv19.2 MATE

New install of the operating system a few days ago. My installation is on one partition - /dev/sda1

The Locations entered in the Panel Clock are not retained on a new install, which necessitates me entering them every time.

To avoid me having to recreate the data on every new install, I have searched for a configuration file in the /Home directory and in several of the /etc folders for a configuration file for the the Clock applet, without success.

Is anyone able to tell me whether there is a configuration file I can save prior to a new installation and, if so, where I may find it, please??
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Re: Panel Clock...

Post by smurphos »

The panel object settings are stored in the dconf backend which is stored in your home folder

This command will write the settings for MATE's clock applet to a text file which you can then back-up for later restoration.

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dconf dump /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/ > clock.settings
You can then restore those settings on a different install of MATE using this command

Code: Select all

dconf load /org/mate/panel/objects/clock/ < /path/to/clock.settings
But perhaps it's easier when you install to make a separate partition for /home, and then if you reinstall chose not to format the /home partition. All user specific settings will then be retained.
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