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toggle keyboards

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2020 8:49 pm
by krustybaguette
Running Mint 19.3 with MATE.

I lost my keyboard toggle and can't find out how to get it back on the panel. A while back I used "reset panel" and the only items left behind are Bluetooth, System Update, and Network (WIFI unless I plug in an ethernet cable.) I used to have "en" and "es" available at click of a mouse. How do I get it back.
Under iBus Preferences I list English, English us international w/dead keys, and Spanish. At the bottom of the input method tab (where my keyboard prefs are listed there is a statement "The active input method can be switched around from the selected ones in the above list by pressing the keyboard shortcut keys or CLICKING THE PANEL ICON.
Without the panel icon there is nothing visible to indicate which keyboard is active.
Please help.