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how to install new theme

Post by red123 »

I just downloaded this ... orumpage=1
and I am a little confuse on how to install it. I have Emerald and imported the emerald theme, but the only thing that changed was the title bar which looks good, but I also want my taskbar to change as well. There are many other files and folders in the tarball as well. I have no idea what to do with them.

EDITED: Nvm, I got it not =D
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Re: how to install new theme

Post by smsmith »

After you have extracted the theme, move the "DarkerIce" folder to ~/.themes

In the Metacity folder, you should find three .tar.gz files. Right click the desktop, choose Change Desktop Background. Select the Themes tab. Drag each of the .tar.gz files to the themes window to install them. These should be the "same" as the emerald themes, so you may not even need to do this step if you prefer Emerald over Metacity.
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Re: how to install new theme

Post by xenon »

what i did, was just drag the tar.gz filed into the window where you can select other themes.
to help doing this on my small screen, i just right clicked the top of the window then selected
always on top
then browsed to where I downloaded my new themes and drag the files over onto the window.

Unfortunately many of new themes have the buttons on the (wrong side/right side), like windows.
Even the cool minty ambiance themes.
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