Max/Min/Quit Buttons are missing

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Re: Max/Min/Quit Buttons are missing

Post by gammelsmurf1 »

And so, if anyone needs a visualization of the steps mentioned above. Take a look at the uploaded attachments.
The reason i decided to share this is I'm using a non-English version and had to scratch my head :? a few times before figuring out where to put the command.
But now it seems to work fine.
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Re: Max/Min/Quit Buttons are missing

Post by AlbertP »

Replace gtk-window-decorator --replace with compiz-decorator --replace and everything is working OK.
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Re: Max/Min/Quit Buttons are missing

Post by Penzance »

I followed xenopeek's initial instructions above (changing the code in Compiz->Window Decoration) and all has been fixed - title bars stand firm. I'm running LM11 64-bit on kernel 2.6.38-11.

Thank you xenopeek!
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