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Re: Clock

Post by karlchen »

Hey, guys.

The starting point of this whole discussion is merely the default date and time format which the Linux Mint calendar application brings along, no more, no less. Right?
And this default date/time format is the one and only property which makes Linux Mint user friendly or not?
You are not serious about it, are you?!

All my life I have lived in a country where the 24 hour time notation is absolutely predominant.
So guess what: I am pretty satisfied with the Linux Mint default time format. :D

Nonetheless, I guess in order to make most Linux users happy a pretty good approach would be to make the default date and time display format dependent on the users' geographical locations and their languages. In the vast majority of cases this would give everybody the date / time display format which they are used to. Whoever wants something else will have to re-configure.

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Re: Clock

Post by Hawkeye_52 »

You talk about a 'Topic' that has gone astray -- this is IT!

In relation to the original post; you are completely right to be frustrated by the less-than-intuitive method of changing the date. The users who have posted to try and help you achieve the format you desire are helpful, but merely support your original point; it doesn't have to that complex for the 'average' computer user.

Cinnamon is a relatively new Desktop Environment, designed and developed by Linux Mint, in response to some fairly strong user dissatifaction regarding the direction that at least one established Desktop Environment (Gnome) was taking. I bring this point up, not to start another divergence from your query, but to point out that since Cinnamon is relatively new, it is going through stages of development. Some of those changes will come from the primary developers and some will come from utilities (applets) developed by other Linux Mint users, like yourself (and me :wink: ). Bimsebasse (thank you for your efforts BTW) is a prime example of an end user who adds to the value of Cinnamon, with applets, themes, etc. In any event, simplifying the DATE format function in Cinnamon will come eventually, by the primary developers creating something, or an end user such as bimsebasse, who sees an 'itch that needs to be scratched'. It will just take a little more time.

There are other Linux distributions that may simplify the DATE format process to your liking. One of the distinct differences between Linux and MS Windows or Apple Mac OSX is it's diversity. Anyone with a vision and the technical know how can create an 'operating system' from the modular parts available freely in the Linux community. If you take a look at the website, you will find a listing of 100 variations of Linux being offered for consideration to end users looking for something to satisfy their computing needs. Some of these are specialty distributions, targeted for a specific need (scientific, forensic, analysis, etc), but most are targeted for end users with more general needs. Within this computer community, there are distributions designed for easy of use, and those designed to satisfy the 'hard-core' power user. With all this diversity, 'caveat emptor'. Distrowatch is a good 'launch point' to explore the diversity of Linux. A good general news source is

Linux Mint, itself, is an attempt to provide several desktop environments in which a broad range of end users (from the 'uber geek' to the 'newbie') can be happy. With such a wide audience to cater to, Linux Mint will sometimes completely satisfy and sometimes completely frustrate someone who tries it. From its wide acceptance as an alternative to Windows or Mac OSX, it is hitting its mark pretty well.

I found, like Orbmiser, the comments of sagirfahmid3 to be not only rude, but misguided. The Linux community that existed 10 years ago, is not the same community that exists today; it is far less 'geeky' and vastly more helpful and receptive to those of use who are not as technically proficient. With sagirfahmid3, you truly got a 'blast from the past'. When I started exploring Linux, about 8 years ago, I would go on a distribution's forum like this and ask a similar question to the one you posted originally; often the response was 'RTFM' ('r' for read, 't' for the, 'm' for manual :shock: ). Eventually, I found distributions and forums that catered to my level of expertise, and were more civil. I believe, in general, this is a helpful, civil forum where you can grow with Linux to the extent you may desire.

I am sorry for the length of this post. I was only trying to 1> affirm the validity of your frustration, 2> provide a little background for your consideration, and 3> to welcome you to Linux and Linux Mint!

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Re: Clock

Post by Pikachu6708 »

I'm currently using Cinnamon on Ubuntu Quantal, and in order to set my clock to 12-hr, AND put the full date on it in addition to seconds, I just used this site, and took the preset that had the date and 12-hr time, and then added the weekday, year, and seconds to it.
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Re: Clock

Post by t_newt »

Some people get frustrated in different ways.

For me, it is very simple. I've just moved from Ubuntu to Mint, and I like it a lot.
One of the first things I did was to change from the 24hr clock to the 12 AM/PM clock. I looked it up (here) and updated it.

But, entering in %I:%M %p definitely doesn't pass the grandma test.

Some Linux software programmers (and hobbyists in general) tend not to care about user interfaces so much. There's always this macho attitude of "If you can't handle it, if you don't like it, don't use Linux" that's shown to great effect in this forum. I guess we can all be grateful that they aren't programming our microwave ovens.

Come on guys, an AM/PM, 24Hr button is not so hard.

I was once in the Netherlands, and this old guy always liked to give me a hard time about Americanisms. He pointed to his digital watch that said 13:12 and asked what was up with the American AM/PM. I pointed out the window at an old clock tower and told him that I guess Americans had a more historical way of looking at time.
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