Invert Screen Colors (with a shortcut)?

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Invert Screen Colors (with a shortcut)?

Postby spunionring » Wed Dec 12, 2012 8:20 pm

Hi, I'm new to Mint/Cinnamon, Ive been using Ubuntu for a few years now, and I am hoping to maintain some of the functions that I have grown used to.

Is there a way to invert colors with a shortcut? With my old computer I had a shortcut to invert the whole screen and another shortcut to invert just the window selected. Are either of these possible?

When I go to settings> keyboard>shortcuts there is a tab Universal Access that has a shortcut option called "High Contrast on or off" but when I set a shortcut to it, it doesnt do anything...

UPDATE: I switched to Mate instead of Cinnamon. It supports Compiz, which has a plugin to allow shortcuts to invert the colors of a window or the whole screen. Problem Solved.

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Re: Invert Screen Colors (with a shortcut)?

Postby peridox91 » Sat Jan 12, 2013 4:08 pm

I know the problem for you is solved now. But if you were ever to use a non-compiz GNU/Linux distro or Mint version, all you need to do is to download one xcalib package and assign the script to a keyboard shortcut. You can choose which one you want. You may have to log out/restart (or if you use Cinnamon, Alt+F2 ... type "r" to "restart" the shell or whatever). Check out this thorough tutorial found here: ... x-distros/

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