Edge flip faster?

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Edge flip faster?

Postby QuotidianMe2 » Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:42 am

I'm glad to have the ability to flip between workspaces by edgeflipping. This has been a primary point of my love of xfce since the death of Gnome.

Alas, the default setting in Cinnamon is a bit antithetical moving quickly between workspaces. I can understand a slow default so people not used to it don't keep finding themselves flung back and forth between windows, but I can not find any other settings available. I don't program, but how hard would such a slider be, for changing flip speed and duration before flipping, I wonder.

Anyway, how can I change the time I have to wait before a flip occurs? Since there's no slider associated with the edge flip check box, I assume cli will be in order, so go gently, but do let's go. It's pinioned as it is.

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Re: Edge flip faster?

Postby arkiedan » Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:28 am

Cant help because I've got the same question. Edge flipping seems like a reasonable alternative to the old compiz cube, which I flipped merely by grabbing it with the middle mouse button and tossing it to the other workspace (I only need two).But...the 3 second delay makes it relatively worthless.

If there was a way to tap the left and right sides to instantly change the workspace it would be great. I'm not a programmer (far from it) and maybe it's not possible but it seem to me that one of the more knowledgeable gurus around here would deign to offer a response, either negative or positive. What? This question unworthy? Not interesting enough? :roll:

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