Cinnamon dont like ATI Drivers!

Please post suggestions for improvement of Cinnamon on:
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Cinnamon dont like ATI Drivers!

Post by wolfyrion »

Ok I have confirmed that and testing in 3 computers !

I have installed Linux Mint 14 Nadia Cinnamon Edition x64 to my Sony Vaio Laptop with ATI Graphic card...

Everything was working fine until I have installed ATI Official Drivers , cinnamon crashed!

Official ATI Drivers are working fine on MATE and KDE , XFCE....

The same thing happened to my 2 other computers with Cinnamon Installation!
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Re: Cinnamon dont like ATI Drivers!

Post by hal8000 »

This may not help but thw same thing happens with Gnome 3.
I'm not sure if any of the code used in Gnome3 is forked to Cinnamon, but this
could be the problem. (I liked gnome2 but hate gnome3 anyway)
Until a proper solution is found you may have to use another desktop.

You could try using vesa driver with Gnome3 but you would have no hardware
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Re: Cinnamon dont like ATI Drivers!

Post by eanfrid »

Your got it:

- if you don't want to use high-end games
=> stick to radeon open-source driver

- if you want to use high-end games or any DE other than Cinnamon/Gnome3
=> you can eventually try to install (unstable) proprietary drivers

The proprietary drivers have some video and heavy compositing display weaknesses.
Edit: they are also regularly less compatible - or even not working - with latest ( mesa drivers | xorg versions | linux kernels )
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Re: Cinnamon dont like ATI Drivers!

Post by sjmcc »

I have had a lot of problems with cinnamon on my laptop with ati graphics as well. I finally just ended up using the mate desktop and so far it has been far more solid. Cinnamon ran alright with the open source drivers but my laptop ran extremely hot compared to when using the proprietary drivers.
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