Disable cinnamon systray "service"?

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Disable cinnamon systray "service"?

Post by derekvd »

Hi, I have installed tint2 to use as Cinnamon panel replacement. I managed to get everything working the way I want except for the system tray. It seems that Cinamon takes control of the system tray:

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~ tint2
real transparency on... depth: 32
xRandr: Found crtc's: 5
xRandr: Linking output LVDS2 with crtc 0
tint2 : another systray is running pid=10826
tint2 : nb monitor 1, nb monitor used 1, nb desktop 4

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~ ps aux | grep 10826
derek 10826 10.6  3.1 528716 127440 ?       Sl   13:16  10:31 cinnamon --replace
I am aware that you can disable the systray applet for Cinnamon panel, however this will leave the systray service built into cinnamon still running. I have already tried to start tint2 as as soon as Xserver starts by running it from within an Xsession script, in attempt to "grab" the systray before cinnamon does, but to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Re: Disable cinnamon systray "service"?

Post by jupiter66 »

I had a similar problem with cairo-dock. I use it to completely replace cinnamon panel. All is fine (inlcuding most systray icons) except for the "old systray" (some icons like mintupdate and dropbox go this systray), that is not always present. The key here is that only one "old systray" can exist in a session and a cinnamon process (csd-printer) sometime reserve this systray (before cairo-dock) even if the systray applet is not loaded in the cinnamon panel. I now launch cairo-dock with this script and the old systray is always available (you can adapt for your dock and maybe the sleep time).

killall csd-printer
sleep 0.5
cairo-dock &

Maybe this will help, even if it's 6 months later!
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