Search by Keywords in *.desktop files

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Search by Keywords in *.desktop files

Post by xoverlord6 »

It appears that in LM 16/Cinnamon edition, Keywords as defined in *.desktop files are not used in the Search feature of the Cinnamon Menu. Is there any particular reason for this? Seems like it would be an improvement. If Keywords aren't intended for this kind of usage, what ARE they intended for?

For example, an old habit of mine from my Windows 7 days is to hit the super key and type in "Excel" when I want to open a spreadsheet. In LM 16 Cinnamon, doing that doesn't show any results, even though "Microsoft Excel" is a keyword as defined in /usr/lib/libreoffice/share/xdg/calc.desktop.

On another note, this might be a little more contentious, but, it seems to me that an old Windows/new Linux user might be likely to type things like "Excel" or "Photoshop" into their search in hopes of finding the Linux/open source equivalent. Being able to do that and get the equivalent might make the transition less painful for people with that kind of background.


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Re: Search by Keywords in *.desktop files

Post by austin.texas »

That is an excellent observation, and probably should be listed as a Feature Request on
or discussed with the development team on IRC (#linuxmint-dev on
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