Beta: mint 18.2 cinnamon

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Beta: mint 18.2 cinnamon

Post by TommyLinux »

hey all, been using cinnamon since the early days, window resizing and remembering still remains a problem, i can change the window size in nemo
and the system will remember this size when i re open it and puts it on the center of screen (awesome).! Why can't i do this with system settings menu ? system setting menu seems to be all over the place, please fix guys.

when asking for password to run some programs, i get 2 different windows and sizes for password entry

panel edit mode works only one when first turned on, does not work when trying to turn off after making changes,
have to reset cinnamon to work again.

modify panel / copy applet configuration, paste applet configuration, does not work, makes odd change to system menu and other setting, had to reset all my settings

need a better menu system, i like my favorites listing, the more i add the taller the menu gets, this is getting old fast

lightDM, turned off allow guest sessions, its still on the main screen, no setting to turn off options in main panel, like Ubuntu has for a long time ?
and WHY do we need draw grid on my nice picture ????

when making the panel larger so i can see my icons (old guy here) in widow list the text becomes so large it looks way to big, i get syste...
for system settings text ?

when i click on the time to see calendar( after making panel lager to see icons) the calender is still so small, i can't see it, why bother using it ?

window borders, have to use mint-x, mint-y and mint-y-dark, nice looking, but to small.

sound settings, can't turn off digital output, why have it running all the time when i don't use it ???

right click clock/configure, no back arrow to goto main setting menu like other menus, notice this in other menus also.

can't edit or change program names and icons in the menu system, no icon listing at all, we are greeted with a file listing instead,
no icon list like they have in kde ??

start USB image writer ( window is half the size now), click on write image for a file it takes me to home desktop not even in the desktop folder
WHY can't this just goto downloads where the iso is in the first place ???, same thing happens when i goto change and icon to my liking

ok ok i get it, enough from the grumpy old guy here, but dam guys, your 10 times smarter and are programmers, it don't have to be this way
12 hours of my time and all i see is things getting worse, but thanks for the colorful folders.. SMH..!.. peace..

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Re: mint 18.2 cin

Post by choochooal »

I'm using mint 18.2 cinnamon beta and I see almost none of your issues regarding the appearance of desktop and calendar.

I do have to admit, out of the box the typical themes for the desktop have kinda small fonts. But I have fixed that by using a different desktop theme than all of the mint-? that come off the DVD.
I also have fixed the borders of windows by using a different borders theme.
I also have fixed the icons with a different icon theme.

Now granted I made them myself, but I've seen a lot of them on line in different websites that look pretty darn good.
The desktop theme effects the calendar.

As for favorites, well, maybe there is a theme, but maybe MATE would be a better DE for you.

All this is my humble opinion, I have bad eye sight too at 70+ and glasses. So I've fixed it with themes and or putting shortcuts on the desktop rather than favorites.
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