Cinnamon Crashes

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Re: Cinnamon Crashes

Post by ehtron »

Hi :)
now on main mashine... boot time this morning.

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Aug  2 16:02:45 eslinux-Main kernel: [16025.065825] cinnamon[2482]: segfault at 7fef408fffe8 ip 00007fef886eb305 sp 00007ffcf442cd80 error 4 in[7fef886c2000+c1000]
no window activity.. only reading in Firefox.
system up to date.
Lg. Ehtron :)
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Re: Cinnamon Crashes

Post by jimallyn »

Folks, there is a reason why we discourage hijacking threads here. While the original poster has his problem solved, we now have at least four other people posting problems which, while they may be similar, are clearly NOT the same problem, or they would have been solved by following the original poster's solution. Think about it: if I respond to somebody's post here, how are you going to know who among you it is intended for? And maybe I would give information that would fix the problem for one person and make it worse for another. Please do not hijack threads. Please start your own threads for the problems you are having. Thank you. I am locking this thread.

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