Duplicate Cinnamon Process on login

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Duplicate Cinnamon Process on login

Post by shanemeagher » Tue Dec 05, 2017 9:40 am


After updating to LM18.3 Cinnamon with Cinnamon 3.6.6, I've found that many of the cinnamon-* processes are duplicated and the initial cinnamon process is consistently using 12-13% of the CPU:
Duplicate processes - Screenshot from 2017-12-05 20-52-29.png
I've done some searching but haven't been able to identify where to look or how to to diagnose the issue. The logs

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shows the second process and

Code: Select all

shows the initial cinnamon process but neither shows an issue.

Restarting cinnamon via Cinnamon Debugger ([Window] + [L] => Restart Cinnamon) doesn't stop the first process and both processes run as

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cinnamon --replace
. Stopping the initial cinnamon process via System Monitor doesn't appear to cause any issues as my desktop continues to run.

System Information uploaded here

Thanks in advance for any direction.

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