Desktop icons stacking in corner after boot

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Pat D
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Desktop icons stacking in corner after boot

Post by Pat D »

Mint 18.3 Cinnamon

Starting a couple of days ago, the desktop icons all congregate on top of the Home icon, in a jumble. (I imagine there's an update behind this.)
I then have to reposition them. It always happens now except if the desktop is set to Auto-arrange, but that doesn't place them the way I want them.

Any thoughts?
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Re: Desktop icons stacking in corner after boot

Post by choochooal »

I have the same issue. I've narrowed it down to the few icons you can add to the desktop via Settings->Desktop.
There are 5 icons there, home,computer,trash,network etc. I have home, computer, and trash.
When I reboot these 3 will land on top of others. Only these 3. I turned all 3 off and made a launcher to home, don't need computer as the folders icon in panel does about the same thing, and I installed the trash applet.
The trash applet doesn't change image when trash is in there and that's makes it less useful.
But now the home launcher I made does not move.
I suspect there is a bug in 18.3 cinnamon that the developers need to address.
But this is just a guess.
Linux Mint 19.3 Cinnamon 64-bit. Dual boot with Windows 10
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