Solutions for keyboard management of 3480 x 1600 resolution ?

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Solutions for keyboard management of 3480 x 1600 resolution ?

Post by LeeC » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:26 am

Anyone else here running 3480 x 1600 screen resolution? If yes, what do you use to set window locations by keyboard? Split screen produces 1740 x 1600 which is wastefully wide. Manually resizing and relocating windows wastes too much time. I am looking for some way to set keyboard shortcuts to resize and reposition windows. Useful sizes are 1/3 screen, 1/4, screen, etc.

If there is no currently existing app to download and use, what is the path of least resistance to script/program a solution? Years ago, I dabbled in Py/GTK and QT on Windows with hopes of having some code reuse between Windows at work and Linux at home. But I'm running Cinnamon at the moment and that seems removed from the original Gnome desktop window management architecture, from what tiny bit I understand about it all.

I installed Ubuntu 17.10 in parallel yesterday, and while that stack may facilitate more coding options for Gnome, Shutter which I use all the time is still broken, and there are a number of other annoyances I forgot about that caused me to switch to LM. I currently have about everything I need on LM EXCEPT keyboard management of this new ultra-wide 3480 x 1600 monitor space. It sounds like an unimportant problem, but I am "allergic" to manually twiddling window sizes and locations constantly. Makes me crazy, and puts me at risk of carpal tunnel flare-up.

Ironically, I have M$ WinDoze working properly using Sizer, but I'm loath to use Microsoft products at home if I can possibly avoid it.

Helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Not "embrace 24 x 80 terminal" as someone humorously suggested on IRC. That would just make the problem bigger, with more windows to manage.



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