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org.cinnamon enabled-applets

Post by foberle » Thu Mar 15, 2018 10:00 am

I’m building a shell script to duplicate changes to a new Mint/Cinnamon installation without having to repeat the many manual steps that would otherwise be required.

A big part of this is a number of lines similar to: gsettings set “something” to “something else”

This seems rather straightforward for most settings, but I’m reluctant to change one of them because I don’t understand what the arguments refer to. The arrangement of applets on the panel is set with:

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org.cinnamon enabled-applets ['', etc.]
In all of these, there are 5 elements separated by 4 colons. The first element refers to panel1; since I only have one panel enabled, that’s pretty clear. The second element refers to separate lists for those items on the right of the panel or the left of the panel. Again, that’s pretty clear.

The third element seems to be the order in which the applets are placed on their respective (left or right) panels, and in each case these are numbered in left-to-right order. The fourth element is the name of the actual applet. Again, no problem.

It is the final/fifth element that I don’t understand. By process of elimination I believe that number refers to the order in which the elements were added to the panel. In the example above, 0 for systray seems reasonable, and all of the elements I added myself (such as spacers) each have higher numbers. I also noticed that applets (particularly spacers) that I added and subsequently removed result in numbers that don’t appear in the enabled-applets listing. Since I can’t figure out a purpose for having these numbers, much less retaining them after the applets have been removed, I’m reluctant to directly change these using “gsettings set” for fear that I’d be mussing up some internal record keeping.

The post by TeRrOkToR on Tue Apr 12, 2016 8:05 pm SEEMS to suggest that this fifth element may not be needed at all except to set defaults, but there isn’t really enough there to support that conclusion.

Can anyone tell me why this fifth element in org.cinnamon enabled-applets exists, what its purpose is, and what would happen if, for instance, a duplicate number happened to appear in the list?

I’ve googled about this, but even the usually informative Arch Linux site doesn’t cover this that I could see.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.

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Re: org.cinnamon enabled-applets

Post by Cosmo. » Thu Mar 15, 2018 11:35 am

I can't give the wanted answer, but a hint: If you install dconf-editor and mark the value enabled-applets, than you see at the right bottom the default value listed. There is nowhere (here on Cinnamon 2.8.8 ) a fifth value given. In my customized system I get there for some applets a value above 200 for the last part and you can be sure, that I have and did never add 200 or so applets to my panels. But I have no idea, what this part might mean.

A small correction: For the second value there is also center possible, as the Cinnamon panel is actually divided in 3 areas.

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