Can't get an image preview at file manager

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Re: Can't get an image preview at file manager

Post by AZgl1500 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 2:46 am

Kept playing with Dolphin,

if I double click on an image, it opens up xnview and then the mouse will roll thru images and preview them in the bottom center of the page.

Was cleaning up some junk stuff off the laptop, and did a restart and looked at Dolphin again and it seems to be working now like you told me Phil.

While I was at it, I created a shortcut key Alt-D and gave it the command to bring up Dolphin... I like that, SuperMenu-E brings up Nemo, so I have a matching set depending on what needs to be done.

Thank you Phil for hanging in there until my brains got reorganized. :D


here is one of the images that I had lost in the big file of pictures.... it is the cockpit of my new "aeroplane" :lol:
I used to own a Piper Tri-Pacer PA-22, I upgraded it with McAllen Gullwing Tips, and a 160 hp brand new engine.... could land that thing and stop in 160 feet, and take off and clear the barbed wire fence at the end of my "runway" at 350 feet. At that time, I lived on a large 96 square mile cattle ranch.

so, this is my current "cockpit" of my 2 wheeled airplane....


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Re: Can't get an image preview at file manager

Post by phd21 » Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:25 am

Hi AZgl1500,

You are welcome...

I'm glad you got the Dolphin file manager working. I consider it one of the best file managers available.

You can choose which installed application(s) will open certain file types when they are double-clicked by right-clicking a file (like image.jpg, or image.png, music.mp3, etc..) selecting properties, click the file type options button which pops-up another window with related installed applications that you can select your preference order, the first is the default, and the others should show up when right-clicking a file; you can also add apps that are not in the list.

As I stated before, the panels are resizable, mouse over between them until you see a double arrow, click and hold the mouse and drag it left or right.

Hope this helps ...
Dolphin file manager - file type properties
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