Change resolution on different workspaces?

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Change resolution on different workspaces?

Post by m.ardito » Thu May 17, 2018 3:56 am

not new to Mint, but new to Hidpi laptop monitor, and sometimes struggling with various programs to adapt, found solutions and workarounds in most cases, but this time is different, maybe...

I often need to capture screenshots or gif recordings of my desktop (to help others on, eg).
When I capture the screen, the current high resolution makes still/animations very big of course. With Gifs, it becomes a nightmare...
  • One way could be change display resolution before capturing, and restore it after. I don't like this.
  • Another way is to scale down the recorded program window, to get lower resolutions... I don't like this.
  • Another would be a capturing tool that can scale down the capture, but I don't know of a similar tool (currently using Licecap with wine + key-mon)
  • A much better one, useful also for other usage, not just screen capturing, would be switching workspace which has a different resolution on it.
Is this last way possible, even with some changes to how mint/cinnamon works?
Are there other possible ways?

If that helps (or not) my laptop has mint 18.3 and an nvidia gtx currently on proprietary drivers.


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