Time clock setting problem

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Time clock setting problem

Post by lotech »

Hi there,

I am running LMDE2 dualboot with win8 and got an annoying problem. I set the correct location during installation, but everytime I boot windows the time will change to UTC, I don't see how I can change the time zone. After searching for answer I found this, a 7yrs. old bug still exist today !

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Re: Time clock setting problem

Post by acerimusdux »

The bug is in whichever one isn't using UTC for the hardware clock.
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Re: Time clock setting problem

Post by Pierre »

Yep - - most Linux systems do use UTC,
but there is the odd one that does use Local Time,, as does Microsoft Windows - - of course.

it's not a Bug as such, but more of a Known Abnormality.
- it even catches out the Linux Pro's amongst us, when they are *not* thinking properly.
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