NEMO loads instead of cinnamon desktop after LOGIN

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NEMO loads instead of cinnamon desktop after LOGIN

Post by alexgator » Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:29 pm

Thanks for reading my story/issue.

My Asus notebook was running 18.1 and stable.
Then one day, on cold boot it hung at the Mint logo and did not finish booting up to the login screen

I ran recovery mode from GRUB and got block errors, then the initramfs prompt.
Ran fsck /dev/sda2 -y and it loaded 18.1 again and ran just fine. (for one day)

Next day power up to login screen GUI, logged in but Cinnamon did not load.
Grub does not display now during boot.
No programs, task bar, background images, nothing.
Instead I get: Just a black screen and the Home and Trash icons. I think its Nemo
All my documents/video/picture files are in the Home file directory.
But no program icons to run applications, no task bar, no background image.

I am looking for ideas on how restore the Cinnamon Desktop when booting up.

I tried a few things, like Ctrl Alt F1, to get to a CLI prompt.
Tried StartX, but it loads the "black desktop with only the Home and Trash icons.

(after login, a brief flash of a Cinnamon background custom image happens, then the screen goes to the black background with only the Home and Trash icons)
It seems like Cinnamon crashes when it starts to load?

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