External driver with only read permissions

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External driver with only read permissions

Post by macbeto »

I have an external usb disk with the format hfs+ because is shared between a MacBook computer and another with Linux Mint.
At MacBook I give all the permissions with a chmod -R 777 disk, and at Linux for some time I can read and write. But after some weeks at Linux it gives me a message of read-only permissions when I try to copy anything. But the crazy thing is that doing a ls -la I see it has all the permissions at Linux:
drwxrwxrwx 1 user user 13 abr 12 19:40 disk/
The user/user are my user/group at Linux. So apparently everything is ok to write things.
To solve it I make again a chmod -R 777 disk at Mac computer and for a while it works again.
Does anybody knows how to do the permissions permanently.

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Re: External driver with only read permissions

Post by polarvortex »

I don't know how to fix the permissions.

My only idea is that maybe hfs is causing the issue, and maybe ntfs would not have the problem?

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