Alt-Tab Switcher Shows on Wrong Screen/Monitor

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Alt-Tab Switcher Shows on Wrong Screen/Monitor

Post by taugosz » Fri Jun 14, 2019 2:39 pm

Hello all,

I installed Linux Mint 19.1 two weeks ago and have been exclusively using it at work since the install completed - I've been very impressed with the OS in that I haven't had the need or desire to boot up the Win 10 partition once, and the extensive documentation / user support available has been a big part of my being able to succeed in switching to Linux; so, thank you to everyone here for your part in that!

Luckily, the only issue I haven't been able to solve thus far is a minor one:
When I bring up the Alt-Tab Switcher, it doesn't always appear on the screen/monitor I expect it to.
For the "Alt-Tab" tab of the "Windows" preference page, I have "Display the alt-tab switcher on the primary monitor instead of the active one" UNSET.
For the "Behavior" tab, I have "Window focus mode" set to "Click".

If I am clicking around in a given application (e.g. Firefox) and then hit Alt-Tab, the switcher appears on the same screen, as expected. However, if I Alt-Tab from the first application to another on a separate window (say, Geany or Xed), things fall apart. They receive "focus" as I understand it, and receive keyboard commands and text entry. If I hit Alt-Tab, the Switcher will pop up on the original application's screen, however, unless I have clicked with the mouse somewhere within the second application. Obviously, this can get a little tricky when trying to predominantly use the keyboard for work tasks and trying to avoid swiveling my head back and forth to find the Alt-Tab Switcher. Is there a way to configure the Switcher such that an application I have Alt-Tabbed to is considered the "current" application for a subsequent Alt-Tabbing without having to click?

Thank you for your time, in reading this.

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