Mint 19.x Cinnamon screensavers

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Mint 19.x Cinnamon screensavers

Post by Fizz » Mon Sep 02, 2019 11:08 am

Hi all-

One thing about Mint i'm not liking is the screensaver. It's really basic- can't even had a slideshow- just the standard desktop background with a darkened screen. So i'd like to change my screensaver.

There are lots of options in the software manager, but i have read that the Cinnamon screensaver is highly integrated. Is it safe to unstinall the Cinnamon screensaver and just install another? Or do i keep the Cinnamon and another in addition?

Basically, i don't want to mess up the OS or Cinnamon, but i do want a new screensaver (maybe eventually figure out the Seti@Home screensaver, which i miss).

Thanks for any advice!


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Re: Mint 19.x Cinnamon screensavers

Post by karlchen » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:00 pm

Hello, Fizz.

To cut it short: your chances of adding fancy screensavers on the cinnamon desktop are not the best.
You might like to read the first 2 posts in this thread: Upgraded to Mint 19.2 and screensaver is now gone.
Those 2 posts basically tell all that can be told about Cinnamon and screensavers on Mint 19.x so far.

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