[LM 19.2] How to edit menu search keywords

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[LM 19.2] How to edit menu search keywords

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Hi guys,

Maybe I am only too stupid or blind - I don't find a way to do it...

For several reasons I want to change or add some of the Keywords of the apps in the menu. For example I want to add the keyword "software" to the "Anwendungsmanager" (German for software centre), because I want it to pop up when typing "soft..." in the menu and not having to think about the translations all the time... ;)

I tried configuring the menu entries manually, but to no avail. How and where can I add/edit the keywords?

Also - and I am pretty sure this is new behaviour and has been working better in the past (19.1?) - for example typing "pod..." in the menu should IMHO definitely find the app "gPodder", but it doesn't (any more). Why?

Thanks in advance and best regards
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