Cinnamon Performance nosedives after idle of 2 hours

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Cinnamon Performance nosedives after idle of 2 hours

Post by linux_guy0331 »

I have a laptop with a 5th generation intel i5, 512 gb SSD, and 16gb of RAM. Everything relating to cinnamon works flawlessly, unless I let the laptop idle (without going into suspend mode, as suspend prevents this issue). If there is an idle period of 1 or 2 hours where the screen is shut off with no activity, when I log bag into my session the speed of Cinnamon is reduced by about 75%. By viewing top, cinnamon's CPU usage hovers at 100%, and memory is around 10%. Normal CPU usage when cinnamon is performing properly is around 5 - 20% depending on the input given to cinnamon, and normal memory usage is 1 - 2%. Restarting cinnamon fixes this, but I'd rather not have to manually restart anytime I get back on my computer. I've tried disabling all window effects and resetting cinnamon to the default settings, but it does not help.

What can I do to help solve this issue? some people have said it could be a graphics driver issue. Model is a HP Elitebook 840 G2, on linux mint 19.3.

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Re: Cinnamon Performance nosedives after idle of 2 hours

Post by hal8000 »

First make a list of processes when your laptop runs normally.
Open the terminal, maximise screen size and run:

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top > list
You may have to break out of the command using ctrL+c to stop it running.
Make sure you have htop installed, if not issue sudo apt-get install htop

Now after 2 hours when your laptop is sluggish start htop from the terminal.
It should show which processes are resource hungry, you can post a screenshot if
you want, or compare it to the textfile "list" which you created earlier.

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Re: Cinnamon Performance nosedives after idle of 2 hours

Post by Pjotr »

Did you, by any chance, install any applets or desklets in your Cinnamon? They're the usual suspects for memory leaks and instability.
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