titlebar customization on lm21 cinnamon ?

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Re: titlebar customization on lm21 cinnamon ?

Post by johnsonmt01 »

On the topic of icon themes changing window controls...

I've noticed that with mint-y-legacy, and the older mint-yz themes based on them, the window controls are consistent across Metacity/GTK, regardless of icon theme. This appears to be caused by a reference in gtk.css to an "assets" folder stored alongside gtk.css, which stores the window control icons. This reference drives the consistency.

Presumably, it would be possible in current mint-yz themes to remove the gtk.css reference and dependency on Mint-Y icons, and replace that with an "assets" folder ensuring consistent window controls. Unless users prefer the variety, of course.
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Re: titlebar customization on lm21 cinnamon ?

Post by jelabarre59 »

Well, it's a start towards un-breaking GTK. But the CSD windows won't have proper titlebars showing. And the utility I USED to use to fix those (gtk-nocsd) immediately crashes when I try to load it. The GNOME folks probably put in a check to crash it if you try to use it.

At this point I've given up on Cinnamon. I don't have any more time to waste trying to undo the damage in GTK+ perpetrated by GNOME. I've tried out KDE/Plasma (really powerful environment, but I'm just not happy with the way it worked for me). MATE is working sufficiently close to what I want, so I'll switch to that for a while, and can gett back to doing some meaningful work (yeah, hasn't happened yet...).
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