Atolm Theme Problem.

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Takuto Takeda
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Atolm Theme Problem.

Postby Takuto Takeda » Sun May 13, 2012 4:37 pm

Ok, so I installed a theme called Atolm, which I got from So I manually installed it by dragging the files into "gnome-shell" files and made it work by using the advanced settings/GNOME tweak tool. Well, everythings looks okay, EXCEPT, the activities page, the one where you sling your pointer to the upper left and brings up a screen with the tabs "Windows" and "Applications", the won't show the applications. As in, you bring up in the activities page, clicked on applications, and it shows nothing. Tried searching by typing in apps that I actually have and it shows nothing. I brought up the start menu and it shows the apps that I have. I can deal with the start menu, but I like the activities page, it's more faster for me to access the apps where as the start menu, over time, it will take some time loading up the apps in the categories. But anywho, my main problem is that the applications won't show on the activities page, nothing, nada, zip, 0, empty, literally NOTHING. And my suspicion here is that it's the theme. I switched back to the old default theme and the applications show on the activities. But on the Atolm theme, it doesn't show. It's like it doesn't detect anything. Yeah, I waited for a long time, thinking it's still loading the apps, but it's not. Does anyone actually know what's going on and know the fix for it?

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Re: Atolm Theme Problem.

Postby zerozero » Sun May 13, 2012 4:56 pm

if you d/l this ... m#/d3drw1x the only thing that you have to do is open advanced settings, shell theme, none, locate the zip, and "upload it", then in the themes tab pick atolm3-2 (the one that is compatible with your v. of GS)

i just tested now and the problem you mention happens if you pick the 3.4 v. (it looks like almost compatible but it's not)

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