gnome-shell atolm theme not showing

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gnome-shell atolm theme not showing

Post by Diekan »

So, decided to play around a little with gnome 3 - personalize my desktop.

Installed gnome-tweak-tool
Installed the extensions

Then did a little search and found some great themes.

Downloaded the themes and installed them with gnome tweak tool.

The problem is there is an option to change the theme, that changes the launcher and menu bars - but there are no theme options in the "window" section - no options of the theme that was downloaded.

Checked to make sure the themes were in the .theme folder - they are. ... 3drw1x.jpg

Is what I was shooting for.

But there is no atolm option in "Window Theme"

I am sure I am doing something wrong here.
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Re: Theme Issues

Post by nanowire »

I downloaded that theme which you showed. It doesn't appear to include a window theme, only a shell theme. If you notice in the screenshot you posted, on the right side where it shows the active desktops, you can see that in desktop one there is a Nautilus window, and it is themed some white color, not the overall cool black and blue that the rest of the shell theme has. What you downloaded simply modifies the shell (menubar, dropdown menus, and overview/activities).

I did come across Atolm-gtk3 which matches the Atolm that you downloaded, but includes a windows theme. So using Atolm-gtk3 for the window theme and Atolm for the rest should get you the desired results.

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