Changing the Mint-Z colorscheme

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Changing the Mint-Z colorscheme

Postby dbbolton » Thu Jun 14, 2012 7:06 am

I want to tweak the Mint-Z GTK theme and change the green selection color to blue.

I copied "/usr/share/themes/Mint-Z" to "~/.themes/mint-dbb", then I did a global substitution on #accd8a (light green) in "gtk-2.0/gtkrc", "gtk-3.0/gtk.css" "gtk-3.0/settings.ini". The widgets (like selected buttons, checkboxes, etc.) are still green in GTK3 apps.

Where are these colors specified?

I would have thought just changing the selected_bg_color variable would have been enough, as it was with most GTK2 themes.

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