Window theme to match the default cinnamon theme

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Window theme to match the default cinnamon theme

Postby CaptainMark » Tue Sep 18, 2012 3:21 pm

Cinnamon is coming on in leaps and bounds lately, (Keep up the good work devs) and I love the default theme, it's sleek and simplistic but well contrasted so its easy on the eye. My only bug bear is that the default mint windows theme (metacity theme) just, in my opinion, doesn't look very well suited to it (Don't get me wrong, it looks great with the default mate theme)

Who uses the default cinnamon theme here and which metacity theme do you use with it?

Personally I think the Shiki-Colors-Easy-Metacity theme from the Ubuntu repos looks quite good, I would like to see a better matching theme become default in future cinnamon versions of mint to really set it apart from the mate version

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