Older Cinnamon Themes with 2.4?

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Older Cinnamon Themes with 2.4?

Post by cedbled »

Hey couple questions:

I am running 17.1, Cinn 2.4, and i have recently installed Void, which is , i believe built for Cinn 1.8....
It installed fine, and seems to behave okay, except for moments of system lag...
Is there known instability that can come from this?

Also, my other question is that I love that theme, with one exception:
I use a wireless keyboard\touchpad combo, and i need the scrollbars widened...

After quite a bit of research, I found that themes are supposed to be located in /usr/share/themes/
When I did not find any folders there whose name to match the Void theme, I searched the entire file system, and could not locate it....

Any clues on where\how to locate my theme folder?
are they only visible when browsed through terminal?
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Re: Older Cinnamon Themes with 2.4?

Post by Ocean »

You must first display hidden files in the Home, and look in /home/yourname/.themes/Void
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