How to get the most out of KDE cursors (outside of KDE)

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How to get the most out of KDE cursors (outside of KDE)

Post by MintRainbow »

This guide is more-or-less specific to the Oxygen cursors, but may apply to others

KDE has some awesome cursors. Too bad then, when you try to use them outside of KDE, some things become broken, like the resize cursors, or even the fact you need to change the system cursor theme. So until the Ubuntu team does something about this, here is more-or-less what you need to do to resolve all of your cursor issues.

Do note, I have these issues in MATE, this does not apply to Mint KDE far as I know, and may not apply to other desktop environments that make sense of KDE's filename schema for the oxygen cursors.

Different cursors depending on application or privilege (single user)
If you find that after you select your cursor, you encounter the issue of your cursor not consistent between windows, perform the following command;

Terminal: System-wide theme selection

Code: Select all

sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme
You will be presented with a list; Pick the number that corresponds with your theme you chose earlier in your cursor theme settings, and that should fix the one key issue that causes cursors to not look the best they can be. But there is another issue:

Resize cursors not appearing properly
There is no easy fix for this I had came up with yet, but you can put this series of commands into an .sh file, make executable and duplicate it into every theme affected;
Terminal: Symlink for compliant cursor naming

Code: Select all

ln -s size_fdiag top_left_corner
ln -s size_fdiag bottom_right_corner
ln -s size_bdiag top_right_corner
ln -s size_bdiag bottom_left_corner
ln -s size_ver top_side
ln -s size_ver bottom_side
ln -s size_hor left_side
ln -s size_hor right_side
If somebody can make a bash script that does this all of this for all affected cursors from the oxygencursors packages in one shot (and cover any of this I missed), then leave a response! Because I surely don't know how to fab such a script.

After all of that work, you should have more-or-less a fully-functional cursor theme.
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Re: How to get the most out of KDE cursors (outside of KDE)

Post by Shunjoss »

Man your are a genius !
Thanks a lot i was searching for that ! I can run my yellow oxygen cursor on cinnamon now without having two cursor themes (while moving it over non native app).
Because oxygen cursor are the most beautiful cursor on earth.
Linux mint is awesome.
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