Wrong boot up logo, plymouth

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Wrong boot up logo, plymouth

Post by BrokenClock » Mon Oct 02, 2017 5:52 pm

Longing for extended customisation, I designed a new personal logo for boot up and shut down.
I therefore opened
After I backed up the mint-logo, I edited it with my own logo.
I updated initramfs properly, and I shut my computer down, and my logo was showing during plymouth shutdown screen.

Now, when I started mint again, it would show the mint logo on startup, and mine on shutdown. Weird, eh ?

It gets more interesting : if during startup I press the right or left arrow twice, to enter and exit plymouth text mode, my logo replaces mint's official logo.

So, my line of enquiry is the following : what is wrong with my install ^^

(appart from the fact that it is both stupid, inelegant and wrong to change mint's theme instead of applying a new one)

Linux Mint 18, 64 Cinnamon, recently updated to 18.2, including migration to light-dm.

Has anyone got any idea how to solve my issue ?

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